Grieve Not The Holy Spirit

Jane’s Heart to Heart – from the Window seat…                       


Written by (pen name)

Jochebed in the Valley


The Spirit of God is grieved when God’s children refuse to change their old ways of sin for righteous ways of their new life in Christ. The Spirit leads and guides us to make these changes.  When we do not listen to the leading, the Spirit is grieved, and we also feel the grief.

But that is not the only way the Spirit can be grieved. The Spirit also leads us to act for God. For a few years now the spirit has put it upon my heart to start a prayer circle for and with the people in my community.  Many ideas had come to mind on how to go about it, but I simply wasn’t willing to be bold enough. 

Time went on, and all the while I felt as if i was disobeying God! He had given me a task and I had not completed it. A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough.  I was going out to pray and along the way would try to gather more to join.  It has been a few weeks and every week it seems the people double.  All glory being given to God.  He hears and is moving on our behalf.  The command He gave me was not to be overthought or planned out.  I was only to simply obey, and He would do the rest.  We meet up every week now to pray for each other, our community, and for those in authority.  I no longer feel like I’m pulling against the Spirit, and I am confident, now that I’ve responded to the task given, he will soon bless me with another.