Fall and Worship at His Feet

DECEMBER 13, 2021                     

Jane’s Heart to Heart   …from the Window Seat

Fall and worship at His feet so tender soft and baby sweet.

Could feet as these be bruised and torn?

Bow and honor this head so meek with soft and downy hair and cheek

Could this soft brow be pierced by thorn?

Give notice to his clutching fists His baby coos-

His mother’s kiss. Could we harm one such as this?

I shudder when I think that I this little one did cause to die.

My selfishness His palm did pierce. My hatred – oh so cold, so fierce.

Rejoice in the Lord as you reflect on His great Sacrifice,

How can I not for mercy cry? Lord Father – please forgive me –  Why?

Was there no other way for man to realize salvation’s plan?

So bitter-sweet such sacrifice. No other way could pay sin’s price.

His perfectness – my utter loss, did nail Him on a rugged cross.

Not ever was a gift so grand than that was given by God’s hand,

His only Son brought from above. The truest proof of divine love.

At Christmas time and evermore, my Lord and Saviour I’ll adore.

My only choice could ever be to live for Him who died for me!

              – Melony Jane Evans

Melony Jane (Pierpont) Evans is Ken and Jane’s eldest child and only daughter.  She and hubby Jim have 40 years, ministry experience. They pastor a Baptist church in central Ohio and have eleven Children.